DA Launches Criminal Investigation Into Illegal Arrest Of Utah Nurse

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The Utah police have issued an apology after a video went viral of one of their own assaulting a nurse after she refused to draw blood from a patient who was unconscious at the University Hospital. The incident is alleged to have occurred at the end of July and the video shows the nurse, Alex Wubbels (above in blue), being arrested by officer Jeff Payne.

When watching the video you can see the moment that the officer seemed to have had enough is when the superior of Wubbels tells him that he is making 'a big mistake,' to which Payne responds by making it even worse and illegally detaining the nurse.

The police department claims that an investigation has been launched into the incident and they've issued an apology to the hospital.

Many people have called for Payne to be placed on leave, to be fired, and/or to receive some psychological evaluation. Someone who appears to be that mentally unstable is probably not well suited to be in such a position of authority.

When the officers came to Wubbels for a blood sample, she instructed to them that she couldn't draw blood unless: the patient gave consent or unless they had a warrant. She was telling the officer the correct information seeing as the Supreme Court back in 2016 upheld the notion that officers first need that silly little warrant or consent, before they are going to be taking any such fluids.

Thankfully, a police body-camera was there to capture the incident and the public are able to see at least one occasion where officer Payne has abused his position of authority, might it have happened on more than one occasion? After the officer assaulted and detained Wubbels, leaving her in his car for allegedly 20 mins or so, it ended with him neglecting to book or charge her with any wrongdoing.

The mayor has also issued an apology and Wubbels, after admitting that the officer had bullied her to the extreme, says that she accepts the apology from both. It's alleged that as a result of the criminal investigation that Payne will now be placed on administrative leave.

Many are proud of the way that Wubbels stood up for the rights of the patients and stuck to what she believed was the right policy, despite the pressure to do otherwise.

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NBC via nbcnews.com/news/us-news/utah-nurse-arrested-refusing-give-patient-s-blood-police-n798021


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Officer Payne needs to turn his badge and gun in ASAP! Unbelievable what I just saw...

I agree, and never have a badge again. The other cops standing there also. Maybe the asswhole police force, too?
I see a lot of video like this, on youtube, cops stepping over the line. This guy in the end will get a raise, or a different job higher up with more pay.

Thank You DiV for posting this... it's Very important to be aware of...

Thank GOD that video went viral or this story would never have seen the "Light" of day...

Have a Great Weekend !!

Cheers !!

and luckily for her she got white trash treatment, any other pigment would have certainly meant a floor tackle with some punches.... so she got off easy. This abuse of power happens with at least 75% of ALL COPs in all parts of the world. The politicians are ok with it because those are their henchmen. The Henchmen are ok with the politicians and their corruptness because that's what henchmen do!

reminds me of the minions movies.

You got my vote and a resteem :)

Thank you nurse Wubbels for abiding by the law. Thanks for this post. She has backbone to stand up for what she believes in. 🐓🐓

If you see yourself forced to do something that is not what feels right for you, it's time to question your freedom.

Care professionals doing the right thing and standing by their principles! Glad it worked out and the investigation is taking place. There should be ramifications.

Wow, that really burns my ass. Anyone who thinks they know better than the law and they believe that by wearing a badge makes it right, needs to be divested of their badge and gun, real quick.

thnks you ....very nice job @doitvoluntarily

That was brutal to watch. I am not American so I don't have first hand accounts of what has been happening there lately, but what the media is showing doesn't paint a good picture. You have any first hand experience with this? @doitvoluntarily

Thats outrageous, hope the officer gets full disciplinary treatment

I am originally from Utah. I know people that know the nurse. I'm so mad at not just the officer but the others that just stood and watched. They should all lose their jobs.

Hi friend, yesterday I saw the same video in the post of veturn steemians kafkanarchy of Japan. Yes head of to nurse who had fight for her unconscious patient. Thanks for the valuable sharing so that much people should be aware of such things. I think it needs to be resteem every where. Upvote and resteem your post though I know you never give any attention to my work. Have a good day.

I am glad she stood up for patients rights. It's a shame that had to happen to her but I am glad it was caught on tape, that was all the proof she needed. I am sorry she had to go through such a traumatic experience but I'm glad she is ok. Good for them putting the officer on leave but I think it should have been more than just leave.

This was a truly decent and courageous nurse.

This is light for USA. I was expecting some kind of murder...at least thats what i am used to when i see news from the states...police killing people.