Adam Helps Student With Police Project

in police •  last year 

Want to help me finally free America from the federal government?

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Your right to get rid of it completely...let us create a better future. That is who we are!

By the way this was censored on YouTube for me.

You can also run for office or help get people like me elected. I support the police but we do need to do less revenue generation.

Adam looking GOOD

Leaders can make or mar a society, the question now is the current president helping the poor? If not, then they are not needed. #Freedom for poor @adamkokesh

your attitude and your work. It will make you the president of choice for the people and the people to look forward to it @adamkokesh
Adam always finds ways to help people and leads to enlightenment
You is the best @adamkokesh

Someday, you will get cracked on the head with a billy-club hard enough to get through that granite skull of yours, Kokesh, and listen to what Mr. Jacobs says in this 7 min vid....

uhhh.. perhaps. a granite head on top of an ostrich neck is tough to overcome.


Are you serious!!! You have no slightest idea of what you are talking about?!
Still wondering...

Get back to me after you've gone to court and told the judge he has no jurisdiction over you and you find a definition for the world calitarian.


That's good work buddy..

Student politics is not good. But sometimes it also needed for their rights.


Good Job, thanks for sharing....

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Adam always find a way help people. More reason you are good for the job of the president