50 SBD Freeroll Poker Tournament - Tomorrow 10AM CDT / 3PM UTC - Steem Poker League

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Free to join. Free to play. Sign up and win some SBD!

Get ready for poker battle

What it would be like to sit at a poker table with this man...

Season Tournament Details

Game Six : Tomorrow, July 19th at 10AM CST (3PM UTC)

We will hold our 6th of 10 Deep Stack Tournaments.

Shuffle Up & Deal

  • It's free to play.
  • There's no software to install. Requires Adobe Flash.
  • You can win SBD.

Payout Structure

Place1-30 Players30+ Players
1st25 SBD20 SBD
2nd15 SBD12 SBD
3rd10 SBD8 SBD
4th6 SBD
5th4 SBD

Current Leaderboard

This is going to go right down to the wire. Only five more games to go.

Updated Tournament Schedule*

6/218PM / 1AM200 SBD Guaranteed - Completed
6/256PM / 11PM200 SBD Guaranteed - Completed
7/14PM / 9PM200 SBD Guaranteed - Completed
7/72PM / 7PM200 SBD Guaranteed - Completed
7/1312PM / 5PM100 SBD Guaranteed - Completed
7/1910AM / 3PM50 SBD Guaranteed
7/258AM / 1PMTBD
7/316AM / 11AMTBD
8/64AM / 9AMTBD
8/122AM / 7AMTBD

*Times/Dates are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.

Game Details

  • Free to play!
  • 3,000 Starting Chips.
  • 6 Max tables unless we have more than 60 players then we will switch to 9 per table.
  • Standard blinds 15/30 - 30/60 and so on.
  • Break every hour.
  • Contact Tuck Fheman or BigP on League Site or Chat with issues.

What are you waiting for?

We've already paid out 1900 SBD to players during tournaments, so go sign up, it's free and you can win SBD!

Join here ...

  • Lucksacks.com
  • Click PLAY.
  • Enter password : donkeysonly
  • Sign up using your Steemit @user-name where prompted to ensure proper payment.
  • Select Lobby and choose a game.
  • Have fun!

Daily Sit-N-Gos Running Around The Clock

Click here for details...

All games hosted by The SPL are free to join and free to play.

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Thanks again for this tournaments Tuck! Lets have some fun!
Good luck for everyone!

I can't wait to bubble again!

Hey @tuck-fheman , who is handling the payouts for @spl from the sit and go's. I was on a good winning streak and have not seen anything post just yet.

Our bots on vacation. Please be patient.

Cool. I'm looking for work if you have space on the team. Can give 10 hours a day to the

Hey pal the bot missed a few pay outs. I won 4 spots that paid only receive for one. @tuck-fheman

Yes, the bot is very behind we are aware and will take care of it as soon as we get a bot. :)

Best way to play poker


for real though

For her (his) pleasure:



looking forward to tomorrow :) hope seeing you guys at the tables

Because of that Doyle Bronson picture, I will be playing every 10 6 I get in this tourney in honor of the legend :)

I'm afraid it's T-2, not T-6, which is noticeably crappier =/

o yeah you are right. Holy shit hahah I dont know what I was thinking haha. 10 2 it is :)

Awesome, it looks good!

Just signed up, thanks!!!

You know I will be there ready to play. See you all at the tables soon.

wow .. thanks for the update.. i think it's worth trying .. let's see

Is it a problem that I have a different player name then @markush?

Awesome - signed up and will check it out - thanks for setting it up!

time to win