💵 Steemit Poker League - 200 SBD Freeroll - Saturday July 1st - RESULTS 💵

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Free to join. Free to play. Come sign up and win some SBD!

The Results Are In!

We had 40 players this week and a tournament run time of 2 hours 27 mins. We are glad to say the tournament was a success, with a new league player emerging as the winner. CONGRATULATIONS @spirits4you for taking down the final table swiftly, and mercilessly. Rounding out the top three was, 2nd place: @tbnfl4sun and @3rd place: @rileyechard

Final Table Results


See Full Results Here


Congrats again to @spirits4you QUADS BABY!!

Stay tuned for a more in depth look into our 3rd tournament, with a final table breakdown.

Don't miss our next game. You could be the next winner.


Updated Tournament Schedule*

6/218PM / 1AM200 SBD Guaranteed - Completed
6/256PM / 11PM200 SBD Guaranteed - Completed
7/14PM / 9PM200 SBD Guaranteed - Completed
7/72PM / 7PMTBD
7/1312PM / 5PMTBD
7/1910AM / 3PMTBD
7/258AM / 1PMTBD
7/316AM / 11AMTBD
8/64AM / 9AMTBD
8/122AM / 7AMTBD

*Times/Dates are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.

Game Details

  • Free to play!
  • 3,000 Starting Chips.
  • 6 Max tables unless we have more than 60 players then we will switch to 9 per table.
  • Must call clock on opponent.
  • Standard blinds 15/30 - 30/60 and so on.
  • Break every hour.
  • Contact Tuck Fheman or BigP on League Site or Chat with issues.

What are you waiting for?

We've already paid out 1077 SBD to players during tournaments, so go sign up, it's free and you can win SBD!


Daily 1 SBD SNG's


Pro League

Do you play poker professionally, semi-professionally or consider yourself to be a more advanced player? Come join our new Pro League over at PokerStars and climb the Leaderboard starting 6/29, it's still free to play!


To Qualify for SBD Prizes

Your account must ...

  • be over level 30 reputation on Steemit.
  • have made an introduction post.
  • use your @steemit-username as your first name on your Bluff Ave profile.

Disclaimer / Notices

  • We are not responsible for incorrect Steemit names being supplied for payout.
  • See The League page for our FAQ.
  • All tournament results and payouts are documented on the blockchain here at Steemit.com and screenshots are posted in the League Chat channel. Each tournament has it's own unique number and webpage URL which is posted on the blockchain for inspection, excluding PokerStars events which we haven't figured out how to view the history since PS is deleting them hours after the game.
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I'm in

Had a fun time. I'll get a win one of these days :)

That was a very hard game ,A bunch of god dang Sharks! 2nd place WOOHOO!


Gratz buddy .... was fun playing with you guys 😃😎👍


Super fun final table! XD


Yea, yall are good players but had fun. Good luck for the next one.

Had a great time playing. Thanks @tuck-fheman!

Thank you for the game. I was too stoned

congrats to all the winners! @spirits4you casually finishing them off with quads. always a great way to win a torunament! :D


Thanks buddy. FT was real fun... all friendly lads having fun & enjoying a round of poker ... just loved it 👍


Thank you @talaslegraps. I had a really good time... hope seeing you around next time 😎

Hey guys,
Thanks a lot for alst night. Was a pleasure meeting you all.... it´s been my first time I ´ve played in it & will definately joing in again.
Thanks to "Riley" specifially who will fought back well at the FT making things a little more interesting :)

I hope seeing you lads around next time. Cheers

This looks awesome, I would love to join.


It's pretty great ballin. Today was my 2nd tournament, and everybody is really friendly.


Awesome, sounds fun. If I make time I might actually join :)

My apology! I was only home at 23.10, so 10 minutes late! I could not take my seat anymore, could not find the lobby. I did my best to come on time to play, sorry guys.


hey ... hope seeing you next time. @steemspoker. Would be great as game was real fun for all of us

Having issues signing up for the tournaments. Must be my end. Not sure. I interested in playing no limit and or tournaments... more interested in the paid tournaments.