💰Steem Poker League - 200 SBD Freeroll - Saturday July 1st - FINAL TABLE BREAKDOWN 💰

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Free to join. Free to play. Come sign up and win some SBD!

Congratulations to @spirits4you for winning tournament # 3 of our 10 tournament season.


Final Table Breakdown

We pick up our action with five players left in the tournament, blinds at 2k/4k, and @earnonlinewith going all in with 18,622 chips from the UTG position. @dontstopmenow calls all in with 15,664 chips. Flop comes AcKh4c4h7h -- Earnonline takes down the pot of 37,308 with his Ah10C cracking Dontstopmenow's QsQc.


We are down to four players, and the blinds at 3k/6k. UTG @spirits4you raises to 18,189 chips with JdJh, Earnonlinewith calls
all in for 8,128 chips with kd3c. Flop comes 10c8dJcQc7d-- Spirit's pocket jacks hold up as he takes down a pot of 22,256.


And we are now down to three people. Little did we know, there would be no heads up in this tournament, thanks to the great play of Spirits4you. Blinds are 4k/8k, Spirit raises 38,406 chips from the button. @tbnfl4sun smooth calls like a boss, @rileyechard calls all in for 13,944 chips. The flop comes 9hJhJs, Tbnfl checks, Spirit bets 8,000. Tbnfl calls all in. Spirit turns over Jc9d, Tbnfl turns over QhAd, and Riley turns over 3s9s-- the turn is a Jd, and river 7s, Spirit takes down all 120k chips with his quad jacks and wins the tournament.


See Full Results Here

Watch the final table here in its entirety below.

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Updated Tournament Schedule*

6/218PM / 1AM200 SBD Guaranteed - Completed
6/256PM / 11PM200 SBD Guaranteed - Completed
7/14PM / 9PM200 SBD Guaranteed - Completed
7/72PM / 7PMTBD
7/1312PM / 5PMTBD
7/1910AM / 3PMTBD
7/258AM / 1PMTBD
7/316AM / 11AMTBD
8/64AM / 9AMTBD
8/122AM / 7AMTBD

*Times/Dates are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.

Game Details

  • Free to play!
  • 3,000 Starting Chips.
  • 6 Max tables unless we have more than 60 players then we will switch to 9 per table.
  • Must call clock on opponent.
  • Standard blinds 15/30 - 30/60 and so on.
  • Break every hour.
  • Contact Tuck Fheman or BigP on League Site or Chat with issues.

What are you waiting for?

We've already paid out 1077 SBD to players during tournaments, so go sign up, it's free and you can win SBD!


Daily 1 SBD SNG's


Pro League

Do you play poker professionally, semi-professionally or consider yourself to be a more advanced player? Come join our new Pro League over at PokerStars and climb the Leaderboard starting 6/29, it's still free to play!


To Qualify for SBD Prizes

Your account must ...

  • be over level 30 reputation on Steemit.
  • have made an introduction post.
  • use your @steemit-username as your first name on your Bluff Ave profile.

Disclaimer / Notices

  • We are not responsible for incorrect Steemit names being supplied for payout.
  • See The League page for our FAQ.
  • All tournament results and payouts are documented on the blockchain here at Steemit.com and screenshots are posted in the League Chat channel. Each tournament has it's own unique number and webpage URL which is posted on the blockchain for inspection, excluding PokerStars events which we haven't figured out how to view the history since PS is deleting them hours after the game.
  • Logo by @epicdesigns.

No luck this time, can't wait till the next one!

I did not know about this. Sign me up.

That was lots of fun... bugger to get my QQs cracked by ATo but oh well... this is poker baby.

Looking forward for the next one. Thanks to the organizers !! great job guys! :D

See you guys at the tables

Hello @spl, I hope to play in your next tournament.
question; why do you need a intro to qualify for prizes?

Is the Intro post some special expectation the founders of Steemit want and demand us to do for full rewards on posts ect...? thanks.

So we don't have sockpuppets.

The Steem Poker League is not affiliated with Steemit Inc.

sockpuppets? what?

looking forward to the next freeroll - I can confirm I will be there on the 5th for League match.

That was a great game. Thanks for sharing the results! Looking forward to next week and who takes it down.

How did I not know about this!?

You missed some great fun out here buddy. Would be great seeing you around next time...

donkeysonly, fantastic :) Nice idea for poker. Unfortunately I can't participate, from Italy we can't enter in ps.com. I could try with tor, but it is so slow...

Hi @spl,
Thanks for the congratz... was absolutely great fun. I enjoyed it a lot as Tony and especially Riley fought back hard. Nice round of poker 👍

Nice Quad's,you don't see that every day!

thanks buddy.... yes, not very often you´ll get that... especially not in mtts.

For anybody wondering I was on the big blind with 1/2 a blind left lol. 3♠9♠ seemed reasonable XD

Up voted! I'd love to be involved. I used to play lots of CPU tourneys before it became illegal :( I do have two little ones would that be an issue? Other wise I'll need to set everything up for pay outs etc......

Sign up here if you'd like to play http://www.bluffave.com/steemit

A beautiful topic, I have done my best. I wish you a beautiful day. Please support me

hahahha Wow I wanna play! Upvote me!

Hi there - are there any limits to who can play/enter? I live in NY and well, if you know Online Poker that's all I need to say lol!!

They are freerolls played with play money.

Oh whaaaat.

I wanna play!

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Thank you very much for your help and i hope you have a great day .

This is not the way to do it. Please don't spam our comments section, thank you!

Wow, love poker. I'm in!!!