Rawdawg Lazy Labor Day- Steem Poker League Tourney-September 3rd

in poker •  5 months ago

Alright, lazy ass @spl members!

Come join us this Labor Day for some no-limit hold ‘em poker action!

I figured we should try something a little different for this tourney. . .

This Steem Poker League tourney will require a minimum donation to the prize pool to be eligible to play

I am sponsoring the tourney and will be donating 100% of this posts liquid rewards which will (hopefully) be 3-4 SBD or more. . .

You are required to make a minimum donation to the prize pool of 1 SBD to be eligible to play.

You have until the payout on this post to be eligible to participate and comment with something indicating “you’re in” along with the amount you wanna donate to the prize pool.

No exceptions on participation. If you don’t comment by the time this post pays out you cannot play in the tourney

Tourney Prize Pool Breakdown

1st place - 50%

2nd place- 20%

3rd place- 15%

4th place- 10%

5th place- 5%

Your sponsorship amount is due by reward payout of this post as well. Send to rawdawg on Steemit and I will be making a one time submission to the league. I am requesting it be done this way because I’m not gonna put more added accounting work on @tuck-fheman over a tourney I’m sponsoring

Look forward to seeing you donkeys at the tables!!!

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I'm in, sent ya 2 SBD to kick it off. :-)


Awesome! Thanks for being the 1st! 👍😎

Not sure I can play that day, but fuck it I'm in anyway.


Thanks Chops!!!

Count me in dawg. I am a little confused about the prize pool. Your going put all raised (sent to you direct) and the liquid amount raised from this post to the prize pool? So for example if 10 of us sent 1 sbd and this post finishes with 3 sbd liquid then the prize pool would be 13 sbd for a 10 person tourney?


Yes, you have it Correct. . We need 10 ppl to run it though, so far not looking good.

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