OMG, Aren’t You Pretty?

in #poker3 months ago (edited)

Once upon a time the PokerChained was an adorable little one — it was slow, heated up the devices, kicked out players and looked like this:

(By the way, you've just seen the photo of the very first game on the public network).

Of course, everything is much better now. The game is faster, players don’t break the game by leaving the table, we’ve solved the problem with the resources and provided our players with free accounts. Jeez, it’s hard to keep track of everything!

Finally, the time has come to make our beloved app as cool on the outside as it is on the inside. Meet the new design!

The web-interface was also beautified:

By the way, we’ve also reworked the page with the balance display, and changed the mechanism of memo on our gate — now you can just mention the name of your account in our network in the memo.

All this gorgeousness is already available on all the main platforms.

Looking forward to seeing you at the table!

Best Regards,

Graphene Lab