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Hello everyone, today I bring you a special post, which I hope will become a section of my channel. In this contribution I bring a small interview to an excellent poker player, he was the first person with the opportunity to converse in steem poker and currently leads the individual rankings of the league.

I do not know him in person, but I consider he is a great person, he shares, he helps and he jokes with everyone in the community, I have not seen him say no to anyone and he is always in constant development. There are 10 questions which summarize valuable information to know and your poker preferences.

He plays in @spl (steem poker league) like me, you nickname is Hoodish.

What is your name and your age?

  • Michael Luchies, 33.

At what age did you start playing poker?

  • I started playing poker right at 18-years-old. I was watching the World Series of Poker on television and I saw an advertisement for poker online. I started playing that night and lost every cent I had in my bank account. I quickly learned how to play and got better over the past 15 years.

Why do you like to play poker?

  • I love poker because it combines strategy, skill, luck, and competition. When I first started playing poker, I didn't understand pot odds or even how to calculate the percentage that I would hit a flush or straight. After I began to understand the statistics behind poker, it all kind of came together and became more than just gambling to me. It became a very real hobby that I was decent at.

After years of playing, I now play more because it's fun and keeps my brain active. I know I'll probably never win a World Series of Poker bracelet or take down a $100,000 pot, but it still interests me and I especially love playing as a part of the Steem Poker League community.

What is your favorite poker mode?

  • Omaha hi lo. This is the game I would like to eventually play in the World Series of Poker. It's very complicated and my style of play fits this game very well. I play somewhat timid, also referred to as being 'tight,' but only until I know I have an opponent beat, then I'm aggressive. After playing for so long, I feel that I have a pretty good sense of when I do have someone beat, even if we're playing online and I can't see their face.

What was the best hand you've won?

  • I wish I had a good answer for this, but honestly, I remember the bad beats and not the big hands that I've won. I can tell you that I once turned $200 into $1,400 in-person in 30 minutes, and then I left two hours later with $400. I have won more than I've lost, which I think should be considered a win for any poker player.

What would you say to a child who would like to start playing poker?

  • NEVER STOP LEARNING AND NEVER...EVER THINK THAT YOU'RE BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE. Poker is a funny game. It's easy to learn but very hard to master. 15 years after starting I still learn every single day I play. About a year into playing, I started to get really cocky thinking that I was the best player in my city. The more I played, the more I realized I still had a lot to learn. So don't get cocky and keep learning about the game. Watch livestreams on YouTube (I recommend Stones Live Poker and Live At The Bike), read books and blogs, subscribe to newsletters -- just learn as much as you can if you really enjoy playing poker and want to get better.

Do you consider poker to be a hobby, a sport or a passion?

  • I consider poker to be a hobby and a passion. I don't consider it a sport, but I get upset when someone says that there isn't skill involved. Chess isn't a sport either, but there is some luck involved and you can't tell me there isn't skill required to be good at it.

The numbers indicate that you are the number one player in SPL, do you consider yourself the best player in that league or do you only consider them to be statistics?

  • Great question! I love competing against others and putting all of my effort into something, no matter what it is. You could challenge me to see who could chug a beer the fastest and I would happily accept your challenge and start chugging. I do not believe that I am the best player in the league. I'm at the top for a couple of reasons:
  1. I play consistently. I work from home and enjoy having a poker game up on a computer screen while I work. It probably sounds like a distraction, but it actually helps to have a light distraction when I work. I play in every tournament that I can.

  2. I'm patient (for the most part). In tournament play, you have to be patient -- extremely patient. Sometimes you get down to just having a blind or two worth of chips left...that's not the end of your tournament. Don't give up.

  3. I know when to lay a hand down. I would much rather fold a good hand when someone is bluffing than make a bad call and lose nearly all of my chips. Folding is the most underrated aspect of poker and it will set you apart from other players. I feel like I have a decent handle on knowing when I should fold and when it's worth calling.

Why would you recommend STEEM POKER LEAGUE?

  • I recommend the Steem Poker League to Steemians who like to have fun and enjoy poker. Although I take it seriously, you have to be able to enjoy it too. Come and join us for great games of poker, good fun, and a chance at winning a little SBD. I also love that it's funded by the community. As I began to win, I started hosting my own tournaments as well, which is something you can't do anywhere else.

And finally, what are your words for those who wants to beat you at a poker table?

  • Good luck. I am not better than you, but I know I'm not easy to beat. The second you don't think I have a chance to win is when I'll strike. Let's play!

As you can see, he is an excellent person, you can follow him through @michaelluchies. If you like this interview or you want to say anything to @michaelluchies, you can comment down below, i hope you enjoy it, if you like play poker, go to @spl, i will see you on the tables , bye bye.

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Thanks for the interview my friend!


Any time ma men


Who is this person? Did you lose a side bet and had to do this, or what? 😎

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Great interview bro, @michaelluchies is definitely one of the best players that @spl has, I always enjoy playing against him, he's quite a challenge so you should bring your A game in order to beat him. Alaways nice to meet our @spl friends, Cheers!

Player of the month again! Nice work @michaelluchies!