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Hi,i think you played ok,

but i would bet on flop, as you was the aggressive pre-flop,he would probably think you had Q,and maybe folded,you said he was an agressive player,and you show exactly this,he played too bit of agressive with a pair of 2,its pretty hard to know he would play with that hand after your bet on the turn,but i think he kinda figured you didnt had Q,but had something like A K and being high card,he thinks was winning with pair and had flush draw.


Yes, I am bit concern with if I c-bet the flop is it for value or is it a bluff - could it be seen as a bluff for the factor that it lands a Q on the flopp?

I think he will call all bets on the turn when he also receives his flush draw and I think he would have folded his 2 if he not got that one.

I could maybe have realized that he could have 2 in his range because he was a aggressive player.

Well well, it is just to learn by the mistakes.

Thank you for stopping by!

Well thought,probaly he would think you could be bluffin too.

Yea,you right,you had a bit of bad luck to land that diamond on the turn,that give him more confidence.

Thats was a hard one to figure,you have a very good hand,and i think you read that him didnt have Q so you did right to bet on turn.maybe with him big bet on river you could fold,but it was indeed a hard hand.

Glad to talk about it,thanks for share.

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