Go catch a Pokémon and get smarter

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I guess you know that Pokemon go has pushed Nintendo capitalization up by 11 billion USD in 5 days. From 17 bln to 28 bln. In 5 days. 2.2 bln a day.

It's daily active users surpass Twitter's.

I am from finance and numbers have always been sexy to me. So I already like this game. Even though the last thing I played was Tetris.

The fact that thousands of people get crazy by virtually catching little imaginary animals in public places means that they had the point!

So here's what I like the most - the educational side of it:)

Actually I didn't care at all about this game until I started seeing posts about Pokemon go on the Twitter accounts of the museums that I follow. Yes, the museums.

Apparently, the museums are embracing this game as they start to be favorite spots to catch Pokemons. There are specific places to train Pokemons, to buy them some supplies like Pokeballs and other stuff, and they are situated in the very curious places in the cultural space.

Here's what I found at the art news portal hyperallergic.com:
"At the Metropolitan Museum of Art, for instance, Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux’s “Ugolino and His Sons” is a Pokéstop — although it is labeled in the interface simply as “Dante’s Inferno.” Meanwhile, Pikachu seems to be drawn to the electricity of a Dan Flavin at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, and Charmander’s been spotted hanging around the British Museum’s Parthenon Marbles galleries as well as Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts. Also, the Art Institute of Chicago is lit, featuring a whopping 14 Pokéstops."

Isn't it just brilliant?!

Some people say that by following the game they have entered in the museums that they didn't even know they existed.

Of course you come to the place glued to your phone and the game, but you'll still distract to the museum's artpieces, no way you can completely skip them.

Following my post about the museums embracing the technologies and cryptocurrency - now they are diving in the augmented reality game!

I find it pretty awesome.

P.S. I hope I am not becoming a nerd here with my love of museums:)~~

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I agree, i believe that the exploration is a really interesting and positive aspect of the game. As long as people play in augmented reality they will discover new places and things


true! But at the same time it is such a time consuming thing..