Is Today Is A Mew Day?

in #pogo2 years ago

Pogo has been on a streak lately. With Gen 3's release over the past few months, community day, shinies, and quests!
Instead of banging out the special research quest in a quick fashion like many others, I actually opted to take it slow and enjoy it and "legitimately". And just the other day, I finished up the 7th quest of the series while shiny Wailmer hunting (use 50 berries to help catch pokemon).

With that, it's time to catch Mew, right? Not so fast. Mew, being the 151st pokemon, the last of Gen 1 to be released and the hardest one to obtain in the original series. Catching this guy must be special. Currently suspending the catch phase until the time is right.

There is no real rush since the quest will not go away. Even if additional quests come, this one will still be available. Good planning on Niantic's end here.

Here's some screen shots of the quests leading up to the final catch phase.


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Haha.. It would be good if I didn't decided to postpone it! Nice try.

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