The 55 Types of Poetry Forms - Nr 10: Iambic Pentameter:

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This is the work of my 55 Types of Poetry Forms and I am at my number 10!!!

And not any type of poetry if I could say so myself! I've chosen a poetry type that took me some weeks time to understand:

Iambic Pentameter

One short syllable followed by one long one five sets in a row. Example: la-LAH la-LAH la-LAH la-LAH la-LAH. Used extensively in sonnets.

And what does that mean, like exactly?!

Well, one word: Shakespeare! He (or them if I should go against the scholars and claim that he was, in fact, a straw-man of an entire group) used it a lot in his plays!

I looked it up, like, some times. And now, I think I've got the hang of it. It's all about rhythm.



letter i trying.pngnner Ground, the Line of Defence

My Life, is like this line of great, wild rhyme,
I cannot seem to find a place to stand;
and while I hear the “tick” and “tock” of time,
I search and dig and throw away the sand:

I toss and kick and cannot seem to breathe,
I do not find my road to Inner Peace,
and while I need to go all underneath
I most of all need calm and great release:

I’m tired, oh! Exhausted am by far!
The need to find my place on Earth is grande
I’m blinded, cannot see the way we are:
we always seem to lack the place to stand.

But courage gives me strength to close my eyes
to search and find acceptance of my own;
to listen to the Strong, and Inner Wise:
a journey I must always take alone.

And if I lift my head and look around
I find that other people stand there, too;
for those who’ve traveled, walked and found their ground
I bow my head, and stand in line with you!


Thank you for your moments of time, and thank you for reading!

As always, if you want me to write something special, you may only ask.

Image Source: Pixabay

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This is absolutely wonderful, thank you so much @sunravelme!!!

I really enjoyed this poem - if fact enjoyed isn't a strong enough word!!! I loved the second verse!! I don't understand how it was written (what type) but it was fabulous :)


Thank you, your comment really means a lot!!

I never thought this kind of poetry exists! This is freaking hard to understand and to make but you played with it smoothly. Good job!


Awww - thank you! ^^

The type is complex but wonderful


Thank you! <3 Yes, I have found out that I love this type now <3

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