FiXation 1998 – A Poem

in poetsunited •  5 months ago

FiXation 1998.jpg
Remembering the night
We kissed without fright

Dancing to music of the future
Foreshadowing our funeral hymn

The year changed
We trembled in love

We’ll never have 1997 again
As we walk through the open gate of 1998

You’re everything to me
The waves on the beach
The sun in the sky

Your spirit haunting my dreams
Running into the midnight mist of the sea
Only the pillow wet from her hair

Thank you,
Cyrus Emerson

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Red Roses Dress.jpg

Red Roses music by Rike Luxx

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Very melancholic.. compliments Cyrus, you're talented both in prose and poetry 👍


Thanks! Now if we could only pay the bills doing this, LOL.


Damn right bud!

Beautiful. FiXation poster makes me think of Kira Omans a warrior woman of sorts. Only that's like 20 years ago. Crazy.


Only surviving video from the FiXation week in Seattle 1998:

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