Poetry Dice Challenge: 3000 Week #4 | Entry #1 - In Pusuit of Living

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Be patient...
A tree isn't grown in a day
You need to nourish it
So it'll bear fruits someday

Be open to possibilities...
Don't lock yourself away
Don't let the shadow blind you
So that you can learn along the way

Be bold sometimes...
You don't need to swim to the unknown
Or be a bee buzzing from flower to flower
But learn to step out of your comfort zone

And be the best that you can be...
A fountain of potential lives inside you
Stop sleeping and learn to outbalance the bad
For how you live life is up to you

Be patient. Be open to possibilities. Be bold sometimes. And be the best that you can be.

Note: Click on the picture for the source.

This is my first entry for week #4 of @robyneggs' Poetry Dice contest. As always, if you liked this, please consider giving me an upvote/resteem and tell me what you think? Thanks for reading :)

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I love this poem - hope you do well in the challenge :)


Thank you :) Haven't fared so well actually lol but I keep submitting anyway. Thanks for the morale and post boost. Will try to fight my time zone and catch you and everyone after I get my health sorted with the doctors <3

Thanks for your epic entry to the PDC3K this week! :D This is the most entries I've had yet! :-O Cheers!


Thanks :) And that's really good news. More people means more interaction within/popularity of this niche. Hopefully, next week will have more :

Oh, the possibilities are endless when your writing sounds like a page out of life - one that when held up, can be quite understood, resounding with wisdom of a simpatico soul.

Very nice! Good luck on the contest!

Upped and Steemed


Thank you :) Although I must say your comment reminds me of a stage play lol. I had to read it a few times as I could almost picture a character on stage saying this xD


Haha! Oh, so true!! I hate when I talk that way! :) LOL xo


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