Poetry Dice Challenge: 3000 Week #3 | Entry #1 - Around the World

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I set out by myself to travel the world
letting my feet take me in whatever direction
and reveling in each chance adventure as it unfurled

New cultures and new people flooded through my existence
some slowly and subliminally like fine wine
but others blindingly fast like a shooting star at a distance

Most of the time, I feel like Zeus with his lightning bolt
or a destined wizard with a powerful magic wand
about to fight in a world-changing revolt

And though each postcard in my bag is nothing but a token
all the beautiful memories Fate let me have in this journey
will shine brightly inside me like a light bulb and will never be broken

Beautiful memories will never be broken.

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This is my first entry for week #3 of @robyneggs' Poetry Dice contest. If you liked this, please considering giving me an upvote/resteem and tell me what you think? Thanks for reading :)

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So true. Nobody can take away your memories or taint them.


Salamat :)

Cool! Thanks for playing this week! ;-) Your effort is sublime :-)


Thanks for the opportunity! :)

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Your memories are written with such beautiful poetry. What better way to express yourself. You have a wonderful voice for it.

A wonderful Sunday to you!

Upped and Resteemed


Thank you! It's awesome to hear that from someone like you :)

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This was beautifully put together. I find the poetry dice to be challenging. I usually only right what is in my head at the time so trying to add subjects is interesting...

The Last Sage


Thank you :) I find it challenging, too. I'm pretty much throwing random interpretations of the dice together and hope they all make sense as a whole. Not really expecting to win but I think this is a good exercise.

it's awesome picture. nice shot.

Travelling is liberating and adventurous at the same time. Did you take part for Week 4 as well? I submitted two entries for week 4.


I haven't really seen the dice yet as I've been struggling through the past weeks but I'll probably give it a go if I manage to steal some time. Good luck! And congratulations in advance. Simply submitting an entry (and you submitted two!) is an achievement.


Hope that you will find the time to take part. It's quite fun as well and encourages more interaction among poets. Do take a look at my poems.

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