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There's so much in my brain,
Verses mixed in with pain,
Feelings that some would say are insane,
Going through all the bad memories again,
There's nothing more I can say,
You just got up and left one day,
I wasn't sure why things didn't go my way
But all that I could see was dark clouds and rain
I asked myself why
Why couldn't I get you back in time
Why couldn't I do anything but cry
My life became empty and dry
From all the tears that I cried
Now there's nothing left
After your tragic theft
I felt as if I were cleft
I could feel the right side of my heart split from my left
The damage is irreparable
I'm still alive and it's a miracle
I've never felt so unable
All that's left is my bedside table
I get down and pray
That somehow you'll walk my way
Find me here one day
And try to mend things again
On my knees
I beg and plead
There's nothing more I need
Than your sweet embrace
I can barely remember your face
I just wish you were back in this place
Where you could occupy my space
It's like I've fallen from grace
I want you to bother me again
I want you in my brain
And not as a bad memory
I want you to be a soothing melody
Till we meet again
I will get on my knees
I'll rid myself of this pain
And hope to hear your keys
Turning in the door of my brain

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By Ethan

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed! If you did and want to hear more you can follow me here (^~^) <(^~^<)


**painful lines.. touches the heart while reading.. ** and yep following u .. keep sharing !

Awesome post thanks

im amazed.. not by the poem but the upvotes and reward amount.. how can I be you?

Make friends and write often...

that's what I'm trying

senpai notice me please

It takes a lot of hard work and a long time. It's not who you know, but what you know ;)

Nice poem! I hate it when things don't go quite the way I want!

It's part of life though :|

That is what talent is about am I right?

I am touched by this poem,i must confess you are a good poet,

All is left are wounds that eventually will heal and turn into scars, scars that will make you never forget what has happened but will remind you of the experience lived, a experience that must be turned into a lesson from life, from God. Rely on god as he will never leave you... @xxsenpaixsamaxx

God is in all things, We experience trial to strengthen us, I know this all to well :)

When things don't work out the way we want them to can be infuriating, sad, and cause so many blocks along the way to success, not just money wise, but mentally. The goal should be to better yourself no matter what. There is no such thing as perfection, but we can all strive to be the idea of perfect, because perfect is in the eye of the beholder :)

yes - I think so, blocks along the way to success are hard to be removed or even gained.

The opportunity of going around them, over them are always there, but is not easy to do either sometimes. It is important though that we continue to try :)

They say writing is a way to heal and I am glad you are able to produce from within. The greatest artists all came from a place of pain and that is why they are able to create masterpieces. I guess we all have to pay a price to touch our inner gifts. Take care Ethan!!!

Writing is my saving grace, That and the magic of music.

I can relate to this .. Nice touching poem

I liked the verse!

Piercing lines, like, I can really feel the pain behind those every words. Subarashii desu @xxsenpaixsamaxx. :)

And these lines too: T_T

"And hope to hear your keys
Turning in the door of my brain"

It's as if he's waiting for her with hopes up high, even if he's already aware that she might not be coming back. </3 Very well-written although it's a sad one. ^^ desu~

@littlerph I am so grateful for your constant support. I really enjoyed writing this poem, Main cause it was me a while ago and it sucked.

It's much better that you have shouted out those feelings through this poem tho, it's better that way than to keep it all in. :) I guess poems and the likes really does own a fragment of the author's emotions.

I believe a successful poem is a heartfelt one made and adapted from personal experiences

Yes. Indeed. :)

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