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Next to you
There's no place I'd rather choose
The spot in your arms
Where I feel no harm

There's a parasite within me
It's eating me from the inside
There's nothing more I can do
Than look to you
To kill this beast
To set me free from it's feast

There's not much left to save
Except for the empty carcass of my being that remains
Maybe you can fill it again
After killing my monster within

Just lend me your touch
I miss it so much
Reach deep into my being
And save me before I crumble into ashe
Grasp the remains
Before I'm thrown in the trash

Touch my soul with your light
Give me reason to fight
Lift up my faded eyes
Light my soul with your fires

Kiss my darkness
Drown out my sadness
Look away when it comes
Endure my madness

Sever every limb
Silence the screaming within
Gouge out the cries
Let me gaze into your eyes

Be my saving grace
I promise I'll restore your smiling face
Stick with me through it all
Kill the parasite that sits inside me
Save me from this tragedy

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By Ethan

A bit of a tribute to Kiseiijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu (Parasyte)
I binged on it and the amount of feelings that I got was absolutely amazing, if you're looking for a action/gore/romantic anime this one is for you, I was astounded by how good it was and it has left a very deep impression in my being. I would suggest it to everyone.

Here's one of the OST that I love:

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed! If you did and want to hear more you can follow me here (^~^) <(^~^<)


wow beautiful always words that touches the heart upvote and resteem

Very nice!!! I loved Parasyte, it's a amazing anime. 10/10 recommend it for you fellow anime junkies ;). Sweet lyrics as well! Absolutely beautifully played on the piano as well! Definite resteem on this.

Parasyte is one of my top tens. I'm glad you enjoyed the poem :)


link me up and I'll gladly share some love :)

Beautiful heartfelt poem and a wonderful piano piece that was absolutely enchanting. I love hearing the piano...it can be a wonderful means of expression. Thank-you Ethan!

Shinichi Izumi-kun! <3 How I miss him and Migi. ^^ I haven't finished this anime yet but it's plot is really interesting and well, kind of a little bit bloody lol. And the romance.. *heart heart hahaha

Anyways, Loved this poem of yours, Ethan. :) I liked the way it's done, mixing parasite and this kind of feeling towards the person that you love, kinda cool. haha :) Lovely poem like always! Great job! ^^

arigatou :) You should finish it, The romance just gets better and the ploy id fantastic :D

Really? Hmmn.. Then I think, I should ^^ but maybe after I finish the death parade. :)) It's quite a cool anime too, you should try watching. ^^ desu~

Seen it, It was sooooooo goooood prepare your heart string for episode 10-12

OMG what will happen in that ep??? >_< I'm quite excited and nervous at the same time lol. But no spoilers please hahahaha. Now, I'm currently dying to watch it. Huhu. If not for my exam tomorrow I'll definitely do. T__T

Will there be some kind of moment between decim and chiyuki or no? >///< haha they're suuuuuuper cute together lol.

I wish, they have a bit of a moment but nothing like kissing. But it's sad as hell

Very awesome write up. You are incredible as always. One reason steemit isn't boring. Great job.

hoping you invest some steem power to help also your supporter here at the community @xxsenpaixsamaxx

excellent work and upvoted

keep up the good work

Poem / Parasyte.
I like poetry especially poems about love. about the great love. because love is a great gift of god.
Let us make love with affection but there is a requirement that there must be a bond in the restui religion

Beautiful work, keep it coming. you could follow back ,i just followed you. thanks

animations always ı will follow

I Loved the anime

There's a perfect word to describe you, talent. I'm glad to found someone who enjoy the same things I do (anime) and also can write about it. I'll be following you.

I live this :]

A tale we all live for , really.... finding a life partner who will make everything "right"

Beautiful capture of the feeling of love and emotion , as always , friend ! :]

You inspired, but I see as many monsters inside.

Just one word for you.....
You are "AWESOME"

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