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Heart Strings

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My heart is made of strings
Each represent the simple things
Every time one is broken
A space is within is left open

A space that is then reinforced
With steel plates and mortar
The area no longer shows remorse
The number of strings have reduced to a quarter

I no longer have desires
To light any new fires
The people that ride with me now
Will be with me until we reach heaven's bow

My hearts kinda cold
I've just run out of coal
To spark my appetite
For social interactions at midnight

I think it's a good thing
Because I've found what I need
And I don't have to continue searching
Don't get me wrong I still interact
And maybe if you ram hard enough
You'll breakthrough my concrete tesseract

By Ethan

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed! If you did and want to hear more you can follow me here ^-^ <(^-^<)

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Nice Poem , I love it

Lovely poem!

Wow ooooooooooooo nice poem

Nic poem i love it

The people that ride with me now
Will be with me until we reach heaven's bow

I love this line & feel like this sometimes, but maybe it is a good thing to be happy with your present company :)

... I just posted a poem entitled '' What is LOVE'' , I would love if I got your expert opinion :)


Let me check
What is love


Thank you :) I am hardly an expert tho ;)


lol! You totally are, ure like my inspiration, and thank you for taking the time to give me advice :)


My pleasure, It's what the community is here for :)

I decided last night that I would start posting some of my poetry and writings on steemit ; your poem was the first thing I saw this morning under poetry and it's pretty cool. although I'm new at steemit I hope I can learn how to gain power to support your efforts Peace @biginkdot


Thank you, As long as you share from the heart all will come to enjoy your poems

Is really a cool one dear........

great work! the watercolor is sick


Sorry the art does not belong to me, but thanks anyway :)

Good poetry, thank you for sharing, regards to know


Thank you :)

That is beautiful poem and its meaning more wonderful. I like that art of heart too. I like that lines where you said i am happy for thing i get and i willtnot find more, we always have to happy what we have and not try to do over which is not possible. I like poem and i will see more so i am following you now.


Thank you :) I'm glad you enjoyed it :]

Wonderful poem and photo. Hope you find more people that can break through your hearts barrier :) Have a great day!


Thank you :)

Still waiting for most to break through mine. I have to been tring to get two out. Working alot lot but im finishing them tonight. Great work my friend. Hope the weekend is going well.


Thank you :) I will definitely check 'em out :)

wonderful poem, keep it brother!

Cheers! Thanks for sharing your world with us! :D

good job.

This is interesting, thanks for sharing :)



Thank you :)

love anime and poetry as well :D good one!

very cool poem I like it a lot :) so much fire and passion! followed.


Very well written! Upvoted and Followed!
We of @poetrytrail are always looking for quality content like yours! Hope you will hop on too and take part in our poetry and story writing events, it would be a shame if we couldn’t share this great writing with more of the community!


I would love too, Thank you :)

An intricate strings...

Your words are wonderful. I enjoy reading them. Keep up the great work.


Thank you :)

You've got a nice way with words :)


Words have a nice way with me ;)

Beautiful, Thank you!

I just can vote, great post

Excellent, love it!