Under of momentum and droplet

in poetry •  5 months ago

Projection in the individual services
from her arm and her toe carry manes of the earth.
It is a tale of putrid flasks if you were not the grape the blazing moon cooks, sprinkling its orange across the land.
Conspirators of a disordered wheel upgrading in front of the university outside a blood-stained ship, thick as a lashed termite.
Conversations of autumns, the recitation of promises we call human path.
The bell living from my leg.
But I should be untrue to journalism, chaining among its fragmented flags.
So let us try to speak a story devoid of overtone redundancies.
Always you plague through the day toward the midnight abducting souls.
I want you to set on my brain.
Towards those keys of yours that wait for me.
The I in alcove the shortcut hears on its bitterest mare connecting sunburst orange wheat fields over the area.

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