Pearlescent Poems # 129: Defusing Confusion Part 4 (Original Poem)

in poetry •  10 months ago

Gotta discern, no needing to diss CERN
Whatever will come to pass, will pass when it burns
The only way to preventing your damnation

Is accepting Jesus, beseeching your salvation
Confess your faith, repenting of all your sins,
The devil is tryna win, so heaven won't let you in...

This particular Pearlescent Poem Series will showcase the poetic verses I have created for my Steemit Collaboration project song called "Defusing Confusion" with the talented guitarist, singer, songwriter and beat producer @davidfar. I will show case the verses, then close it with a live performance video of these verses with @davidfar's beat, and then introduce a professional recording of the song when it is ready to present with a possible other media accompaniments. This one is definitely more center based on my faith and from a spiritual aspect. Spreading the gospel in my own way, I hope you enjoy the vibes and message. Stay tuned for Part 5

Thank you for reading & viewing this post in its entirety, I hope you enjoyed it for what it's worth.

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Next Post coming tomorrow

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Thank you very much, glad you love it!

dope poems. And that lion image was hella trippy. ill keep a watch out for your blog.


Thank you very much, I appreciate that. Yeah the lion image was pretty cool, thanks for your support, I am glad you enjoy my poems, I perform them as music as well because that is my first passion.

Sweet as a pie💝💝💝💝💝


Thank you very much, makes me hungry now lol

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