Will you??

in poetry •  4 months ago

You took a walk,

Into my soul..

A candid smell of everything I belong to..

A falling lie of nothing complete..

A touch of life so ethereal..

A book with tales replete..

But why??

Will you still love me in the morning,

As the sun escapes your fears?

As dawn breaks the lust?

As the hungry bite the dust?

As your dreams begin to rust?

Will you still love me in the morning,

When all inhibitions are uncovered?

All apprehensions are bare?

When the burning daylight is a scare?

And all quiet, easy hearts revive from a dare?

Will you still love me in the morning,

With your heart in my hands?

When our masks come undone?

Our thick skins we are ready to shun?

And you are me and I am none?

You took a walk,

You were passing by..

A whiff of memory.. Lost..

To an endless loop of time!!

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To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

My reply is no

Hi! I'm a bot, and this answer was posted automatically. Check this post out for more information.

Ohhh the poet photographer. 👌 you got so amazing lines...👍

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Thank u :)

Beautiful sir


thanks :)