Our Little Family Tree | (Original Poem)

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When we first took you home
You were too silent and lethargic
We feared you'd vanish like a sea foam

It broke our hearts to look at you
Looking small and lost
We wondered if we'll all make it through

We would lie awake
In the middle of the night
Listening for your sobs of ache

And by the crack of dawn
We'd sneakily check up on you
Afraid that you'd be gone

For the next few years
It was a hit-and-miss
But it was all worth the tears

Though it was a struggle you now realize
We love you very much
We have deep and unbreakable ties

You are our own
Don't you ever forget
Set that fact in stone

Though from the start
You weren't born from my womb
Rest assured, you were born from the heart

You were too silent and lethargic, looking small and lost. We would lie awake, afraid that you'd be gone. But it was all worth the tears. We love you very much. Don't you ever forget you were born from the heart.

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This is a bit connected to the first poem about adoption I posted nearly a week ago but this can also stand alone. I'm considering making a series of poems that revolve around family. That aside, this is also my entry for @sammosk's competition this week. Please check both links out :) Thanks for reading!

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As some one who was adopted at 6, this poem is very touching. Thank you.


:) Thank you for stopping by and reading. I'm glad it spoke to you.

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