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In a world where social media dominates how we communicate with each other, sharing ourselves to more people became easier. At times, people bare themselves completely without a shred of hesitation and share too much. Have you ever logged in on one of your social media accounts and found yourself unfollowing or muting someone?

And yet, there are those who desperately want (or need) to let out some baggage. But they find it increasingly difficult to open up. The fear of judgement, at times, becomes one of the major reasons some people keep it in. Of course, it's different from one person to another. Still, there is a divide.

Then, there is blogging. Initially more of an online journal than a marketing strategy, it is an outlet. Those who couldn't voice out their inner thoughts to their family and friends suddenly have an avenue to express themselves. And they could opt to do so anonymously. With blogging as a trend now, have you asked yourself: Why do I blog?


You want to tell them about the 'you' inside
Countless thoughts, too many emotions
For so many reasons, inside you, they hide

You feel as if you're but a cage
With everything shut in so tightly
Inside you, the emotions clamor and rage

"I'm lonely", "I'm sad", "I'm angry"
Often, you just want to reach out and say
But people like to pretend everything with you is fine and dandy

Sometimes, it's easier to talk to someone you don't know
And so, you find a place you can be anonymous in
And let out what, to your loved ones, you're afraid to show

Inside you, they hide - shut in so tightly. Reach out and say you're afraid.

Originally written for the now-defunct Niume. Thanks for reading :)

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I think you are spot on with your observation about people sharing their lives @unspeakable and your poem says it all, so eloquently. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your unique and creative self.


Thank you for the kind words :)


My pleasure @ unspeakableme

I really felt like you were talking to me @unspeakableme :) It's odd how I can share my thoughts here and be safe, but not with people who are physically around me. Thanks ma'am! Relate na relate and I love the poem too <3


Thanks, kabayan! Relate ba talaga? Don't worry, kung ayaw nila, meron ka pang Steemit <3


Truelalu :D

Great post. I like your poem and feel like it speaks to me. Reposted! :)

Someone once told me that I was an "emotional nudist", meaning that I parade around online showing way too much of my feelings and thoughts. For a while I thought that this was a bad thing, and tried to hold back parts of myself. Now I think it's just part of having a different personality. Some people are reserved with their feelings. Others love to talk and talk and talk about everything under the sun. There is no right and wrong, it's just different.


Thank you :) I'm glad you connect with it on some level.

Yes, I agree. It's a matter of personality just like how some people are naturally sunny and some people, reserved. Whichever side is picked, the other would judge regardless (at some point or another). If you're too open, others would say something. If you're too reserved, the open people would say something. Really tricky stuff. I think you just need to stick with the people who get you and do what makes you happy (unless it's breaking the law then that's another thing).