Ha-ha. Well, that is interesting! Hmmm, if I say it's bad it feels like I'm slighting myself in some way, but if I say it's good then I think I'm way too full of myself! :-)

My silent reading voice, which doesn't sound like me at all, has been the same for as long as I can remember. But it takes a particular effort of will to use someone else's and even then it feels like it's a bit more imagined than real. For example, I just re-read your comment using W.C Field's voice and to my inner ear it feels close, but not quite there. Perhaps I'm not a very good W.C. Fields impersonator. But anyway, as long as you are reading my stuff in my voice and you don't hear it when reading other, unrelated stuff, I'd say there's no cause for worry, especially if you can revert back to your own internal voice, even if you're reading something of mine. Can you do that?

Hey, I just realized I may have misunderstood your do mean that you are reading them silently and it's your internal voice we are talking about, right? Because if you are reading them out loud in my voice...!

Thanks for your comment. Always appreciated.

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