Unintendedpoem: Shoes

in #poetry3 years ago (edited)

Shoes small.png

@damianjayclay struck again. He caught me waxing lyrical over a subject dear to my heart in a conversation with @bex-dk and @technoman. The men in the room might have been a wee bit uncomfortable but they got valuable insights into the female mind.

I'm convinced I made better writers out of them. Broadening the mind and all that.

#unintendedpoetry keeps taking us by surprise and everybody loves it. I hope you do too. Prints of this poem are available on my Redbubble webshop. I've already put it on my own wish list as well.

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This one is awesome. And male authors definitely benefitted from the discussion, if they paid any attention. ;-)

wow so wonderful thing, it moves me

I love this! You captured that feeling perfectly. I look forward to reading more of your work. I think I'm going to have to spend some time in the writer's block!

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