Unintendedpoem: Ooh Smurfentaart

in #poetry3 years ago (edited)

That would translate
as smurf pie I guess.
It doesn't contain smurfs –
it's not even blue.
It's a pie crust spread
with apricot jam.
Whipped cream on top of that.
Grated white chocolate on top of that.
There's also a version
with cherry jam on the base
but that's a cheap copy.
Smurfentaart needs apricot.

by @TinyJazzyDahling

#unintendedpoetry #editedbyclay


This was another piece of chatter turned into a beautiful poem by my friend @damianjayclay. His #unintendpoetry has taken #thewritersblock by storm. He sees little nuggets of gold in the conversations we have, and polishes them into the jewels they deserve to be. Some of us have started editing others as well and it's always so rewarding to see the reaction of the person who got edited. :-) It's almost as much fun to give a poem like this as it is to receive it.

A printed version of this poem is available for purchase in my Redbubble webshop.

The underlying idea--the recognising of beauty in everyday things--really speaks to me. If it speaks to you too, click on the image to visit the Steemshelf where all of our #unintendedpoetry is collected.

The SBD payout of this post will be transferred to @tarc to support @rhondak's work rescuing animals.

Thank you so much, @damianjayclay!



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As always. You're a pleasure to edit.

As always, a pleasure to be edited by you. In any genre. ;-)

Dit is een hele gave, ik weet nog wel een leuke mok waar deze op kan!

Hahaha you read my mind. Strak plan. ;-)

:D of een legging.

Hahaha, those last two verses really pack a punch. I think you had the right idea putting that on a t-shirt.

As you say, @damianjayclay digs out the beauty in the ordinary. Hmm, I should say that when I post mine...

Haha thank you, Chitty. hugs

Great poem .Your poem touch my heart and I love poem