Unintendedpoem: Can't wait

in #poetry3 years ago (edited)

Now home
for more house
buying crap.

I can't wait
for all of this
to slow down

by @TinyJazzyDahling

Photo by Nathan Fertig on Unsplash

@damianjayclay caught another bit of conversation and polished it to a gorgeous, poetic shine. I was complaining, to be honest.

My man and I are in the middle of trying to finalise the purchase of a new, bigger house. I know I'll love it, since it comes with enough pasture to move the horses so I can have them with me every day. But I'll be happy when it's all settled and the stress of the purchase just go away.

Damian managed to make even my whining look great. This guy is amazing, I'm telling you. He's a great poet and poetry editor (both intended and unintended) and he's a lovely, wam, caring person. It's both a pleasure and a blessing to call him my friend.

Thank you, sweetie.

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Love you, Tiny! :-)

When whining starts to become beautiful it is time to write a book :D

You will have a great time in your new house, it is now just temporarily working very hard to get it all done. But you will wake one day grateful for the life you build. I almost dare to promise you :)

I think so. I just have to keep from strangling David before the house is finished. :-)

I love this piece of #unintendedpoetry. Even words of complaint become beautiful under this lens. It's so great that you support @tarc with your posts. You have my support!

Thank you, Jayna.

We can't wait for you to be over it and back either.

I'm already missing out on too much!!!

Congrats and good luck on getting the perfect new house!

Thanks. It's not perfect just yet but we'll get it there. ;-)

As always, I have enjoyed all of the unintended poems from the block. This proves that poetry is everywhere. Good luck with your house! I envy you for having horses.

It can be a handful. But they're so sweet it's worth it.

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