Insect Inn

in #poetry6 years ago

Stacked high
safe haven
for frozen wings

This haiku is my entry to @dbooster's haiku contest. I plan to build an insect inn like this one once we move into our new house and as the moving date is coming closer, I thought it was a fun idea to post, and hopefully inspire other people to provide a little insect sanctuary in their own gardens.

Bees and other flyers are so vital to our ecosystem but we keep poisoning them with bug spray when we should be taking care of them.



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Thank you!

Really stunning @tinypaleokitchen / following!

extraordinary & fantastic!

Aww, an insect haven would be cute!
I find myself saying "Aww" a lot today :PP

What a coincidence! I find myself saying "Thank you!" a lot today. XD

I like the idea of a an insect inn. Like a bird house for bugs. Are they meant to attract a particular type of insect or just any flying insect?

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