Heaven Fills My Mug: Original Poem and Art

in #poetry3 years ago (edited)

Coffee Tanka.jpg

Oh, I just love coffee. I'll publically admit that I'm a caffeine junkie. I'm also addicted to the minimalism of Japanese poetry forms. I've tried my hand at haiku, haibun, and I've done multiple tanka.

My tanka are not the classical 5-7-5-7-7 syllable count because I learned from my friend, @dbooster, that the Japanese mora are shorter than our syllables and the structure of English language doesn't naturally fit into a 5-7 syllable structure.

He advised me to adapt my tanka into a 3-5-3-5-5 syllable structure and it fits so much better, feels so much more airy.

The artwork that goes with it was done in a single line and painted with coffee. What else, right?

I scanned it and edited it digitally. Printed versions of this piece on different media are available via my Redbubble webshop, as well as prints of the drawing itself.

I have to get that coffee mug. What better way to drink coffee than from a mug with a poem about coffee on it?



If you would like to read more of my work, feel free to have a look around on my off-Steem blog page by clicking the banner. My library there contains all of the pieces I’ve written since starting my blockchain adventure.

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Yeah you really need a mug with your own poem on it, hell yeah!!

Last week I had a headache in the weekend because of coffee withdrawal I think, imagine how much life coffee means to us ;)

I need both mug designs and a travel mug for good measure!!!

Indeed! Travel mug is also a winner. But really one that keeps it steaming steaming hot. And coffee made from a filer pot of course (or is this just me)

I'm a french press girl myself.

Now this is something anyone can enjoy. Poetry, coffee and mugs all combined into one post...and mug.

I know right? I stole your idea. Sorry. But the minute you mentioned a coffee poem mug, the poem was just in my head.

04:00 in de nacht precies en ineens, gek genoeg, zin in koffie :)

Hoe zou dat nu toch komen?

Ik denk dat er een subliminal message inzit... :D

I love the look of it, and great poem! Is the light brown in the middle of the mug also coffee? How did you get that color?

I sampled the colour from a part of the original drawing. The splotch in the middle was added digitally. I'll show you the original if you want, Surfie.

Ahh, got it. You made it look very good, that part doesn't look digital at all :)

I saw one without the splotch in the middle, is that the original?

That was probably the original, yes. :-D

O okay. You should do more like this!

Love the poetry Very well-informed post keep It up