Flu Season (Unintendedpoetry)

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Goodnight Darlings

People keep walking into the E.R.
when I want to sleep.

When you have the flu
get in bed and sick it out.
The hospital can't help you.

Well, unless you're high risk
with a compromised immune system.

Then come and sick out the germs in hospital.

by Ting

#unintendedpoetry #editedbyclay


@damianjayclay did it again. He caught a morsel of conversation during one of my on call nights. I'm a medical imaging technician and my job requires me to work night shifts as well. During these, I'm on call, which means I'm supposed to keep myself available. I can go home or have a nap or read a book. But when I get called in, I have fifteen minutes to get my ass into gear and takes some X-rays or CT scans.

Flu season is particularly exhausting since people tend to come in with an illness that basically requires rest and making sure you get enough fluids and electrolytes down. But they come in all hours of the night, creating a lot of strain on the E.R. department, and sharing space with patients who have compromised immune systems, making things more dangerous for them. Working in a hospital during flu season can be exhausting, and I was dead on my feet that particular night.

Damian harvested my words and polished them up, as he usually does. Thank you so much, dearest. As usual, SBD payout of this post will be donated to @rhondak and @tarc.



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'I think I have the flu, give me antibiotics!!'


Flu season is really draining this season in every country ej..pffff

It really is awful. I had it myself. Spent a week in bed and two more weeks being worthless.

Thats a genuine flu.

Not a one cough, one sneeze, ow my god Im gonna die kind of cold aka man-flu ;)

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