Fallen giant (original poem and art)

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Hooves pound the earth in
Rhythms rushing through my blood
As I run along
Now silence rules where she ran
Yet still I listen in vain

Horse eye (2).jpg

I wrote this tanka last night, after coming across a photo of our lovely Kyra. She was a pitch black Belgian Draught horse, and she was beautiful. Inside and out.

She could be running a hundred meters away, and you'd still feel the pounding of her hoofbeat vibrating through the ground. Her power was awe-inspiring, but she was an gentle soul at heart. After suffering abuse from her former owner, she was shy and had a hard time learning to trust us. She never did let us ride her. That was a privilege reserved only for children, but she'd run alongside us, and the drum of her feet pounding through the soles of my boots is still one of my most tangible memories of her.


After writing that poem, I wanted to paint her as I remember her, but those memories are beginning to fade, which is why the painting is as it is. Faded. Like my last matching poem and painting, I wrote a post about the painting, and the steps I took. You can read more about that over here


As always, a big thank you to @jrswab and @geke for holding my hand as I venture into the scary world of poetry, and an equally big thank you to the huge family I've got over at the Writer's Block. I would be nowhere without the engouragement and support of all of you. This time, I also owe a big thank you to @vachemorte, whose music provided me with an amazing soundtrack to paint to. I still need something to distract my mind while my hands paint, you see.

And thank you, friend, for sharing this with me.



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Just beautiful, Tiny! The poem, the painting, your Kyra... <3

Thank you Trishie! hugs

Maybe you are feeling that old Horse Spirit that lives within us. That's why some call themselves Amazons or Horsemen and find confidence with those brothers beloved by the gods. They've been in all times of Humankind, but you already must know. So, let me just say that your post is divine.
Happy dances and good loves!!

Thank you for your kind comment. ;-)

You are welcome, it is my pleasure!!

Our very own Ting :D I'm really diggin' this short poem of yours.

Why thank you, 2K. You're making me blush! ;-)

Very nice! I don't think tanka and haiku are actually all that closely related. Tanka came far before haiku. I suppose we could say haiku evolved slowly from a form of tanka over the centuries.

But I digress. Anyway nice tanka. Please write more!

Thank you. I probably will!

Wonderful painting-- it is so subtle and beautiful-- Following and upvoted!!

That's a nice poem. Short and sweet. :D

Also the drawing came out nicely but I wouldn't take my word for it as I'm a terrible artist myself. xD

Thank you. It's a tanka, a Japanese form of poetry and closely related to haiku. I learned about it last week, and I thought I'd give it a try. ;-)

Absolutely gorgeous. Both parts and especially your beloved horse. Horses like that... they stay with you forever in spirit. My husband had had an Oldenborg when we got together. Put her down in her mid-20s--probably cancer. But I believe her spirit is still with us, especially when we head out on a ride on horses that she had "mothered" when they first came to us.

Thank you, honey. You know your opinion means a lot to me. Hugs

That's a lovely poem and painting
and even better reading how you came to make it

Stay writing and painting you have a natural talent

Thank you so much! I'd forgotten how much I loved painting.

I plan to see more of your paintings so followed you :)

keep at it you have broken the wall so its all new and fun now

Thanks. Since I'd hate to disappoint you: the links to my previous paintings can be found at the bottom of the twin post about the painting itself. ;-)

Well disappointing me or anyone should be a concern
But that aside I checked out the twin post and other painting All so beautiful

Love it! This is just beautiful- what a sweet horse.

Thank you. She really was. Hugs

So nice of you!! I sometime compose music after I read a book or see a painting. To know that artist use my music in their process feel like an awesome accomplishment! Big hugs back!

Well, knowing that the artist of my soundtrack approves is a pretty nice feeling too. ;-)

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