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they were written
in a different time
books and drafts
set out by hand
or rudimentary

and people had less
to distract them
they had books
and that's it

we have kids hobbies
netflix google

by @TinyJazzyDahling


I got #editedbyclay again. God I love that man and his eye for beauty in the most unexpected places.

This particular conversation began when someone said, "But classical authors use dialogue tags and filters and such and such that you keep telling us not to. They sold their books!"



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It makes perfect sense now. Ain’t nobody got time for all the he saids and she saids today. Back then, people had time to stop and smell the dialogue tags.

It does feel weird at first, leaving out all the dialogue tags. The writing is much smoother though once you get used to it.

You’d think they would have cut out all the dialogue tags a long time ago during the days of the movable type printing press. Can you imagine how many times those operators and to spell out “he said and she said?”

Ah, I got the point now. Then, when people used tags and such and such, but at the time books were everything.

Well, I think "He said she said such things can realistically work." can have their beauty in some stories, I want to experiment on this after I learn the current rules.

Sorry for not being at the workshop since a long time, I'll return when I can learn the most from you.