The Breath of Life

in poetry •  10 months ago

I think Im going to start uploading a daily writing piece. Im still getting a feel for steemit it seems like a pretty cool community! I've filled up 6 journals in the past month or two and am always writing, so I have plenty to share. WATCH OUT! Thanks for checking out my post. This is one of my favorite poems Ive written recently

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I hear what you’re saying: as opposed to the carefree stream of discovery in youth, we question more and more and fear for loss of happiness...
Please let me know what you think of mine:

Nice man, Im new here too. I have never written poetry before but I know there is more to it then just rhyming. Thanks for sharing, here is a link to my first post. Trying to go with what I know here...

Allowing that calm silence is a gift we must seek through prayer and,meditation......Followed and upvoted, blessings🙏