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Black out poetry. @japhofin8or inspired.

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This has to be my favorite blackout I've read yet. Delightfully dark and easily relate-able.

Now that costume, the stranger, the figure. Gaunt, shrouded in costumes grave. Mask concealed corpse.
-The line that brought me here from sunravelme's curation, and the line that remains my favorite. Beautifully done.

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Thanks man!
I did choose a passage with some descriptive words. I think the real art is transforming a mundane news paper article into something completely different.
I also want to encourage everyone across to @japhofin8or's poem, it is lovely. He has been quite the poetry mentor to me. He hosted the alternate haiku contest recently. Though I think his ode Challenge is still my favourite steemit poetry contest of all time. I wish it took off, steemit can be a tough place to gain traction on a good idea sometimes. He had a weekly theme to write an ode to. Last pizza slice, fave T-shirt, broken lawn chair... He introduced me to ode writing and black out. I'd love to see him get some credit. This piece is beautiful.
I hope he goes ahead with the black out contest.

@japhofin8or, I will sponsor the sbd prize for the first round when you launch it.😊

I would definitely join if he hosts a blackout contest!
I shall mosey on over and have a looksie at his stuff.