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My Father is a sailor.
After I was born, my mother told me
that he never came back.
No mails, no calls,
no anything.

Most of the time, I hate him.
I hate the way I look
because my mom told me I
was just like him.
My hair color, my eyes,
my nose, and my
lips are just the same way
as my father.

My mom also told me, that she doesn’t hate my father,
“Maybe sometimes” she said.

“I’m still happy, because he gave me you.
And you’re the best gift I
ever had. And I won’t let anyone
take it away from me.”
This line always send me to sleep.

Though I can’t stop hating him,
I also can’t stop waiting for him
to comeback. I even once write
“Your dad will never comeback!”
on my wall.
But I erased that after I realized,
I never had a Father.

I may never knew how does it feel
to have a father,
but I’m glad that I
knew how it felt
to have a very
lovely, caring,
and kind-hearted

Please don’t comeback.

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I hope he comes back.
Cute lines.

The pain of the mind can be easily expressed through poetry.



I feel you. But at least you'll be able to meet him someday. I'm already 18 when i met my biological father. That was year 2009 and that year i last saw him too. But I'm alright now. At least i was able to see him. That's enough for me. I hope you'll meet yours too. To loose whatever anger you have in your heart, whatever questions you have in mind. That way you'll be totally ok. Promise! :-)
God bless you and your momma...


Thank you so much! But this is just a fictional story.

However, it is based on the life stories of some of the people I think, I know. I am so happy to hear your story! God bless too!