Crypto Revolution

in #poetry5 years ago

Money is a language, we say that it talks
But now it's started running, before it can walk
This is not mainstream, just a matter of time
A pillar of freedom to change your world and mine

Crashing into a bear wasteland
This movement shakes out all weak hands
Don't focus too much on the dollar
Lest you miss the true value on offer

A product still in its infancy
Bearing its own ecosystem economy
Propagandised and labelled contraband
It's borderless and bypasses land

It's virtual, almost invisible
Neutral and immutable
Each transaction a freedom call
Whilst politics just puts up walls

Banks will fear, and let them quake
All their attempts will come to late
As the ground beneath begins to shake
Hold on tight, reject the hate

New world order is coming fast
This time it's been built to last
Not bad news just positive
This is people power, ownership

Fully embracing of this philosophy
I pledge allegiance to cryptocurrency
The future is decentralized
Where liberty is realized

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I've brought, traded and hodled crypto but I want to take a further step and support mainstream adoption through the process of earning and spending cryptocurrencies through the wider community.

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Dude until I have enough $$$ for my credit card providers to max my credit so that coinbase accepts them again, I'll be planning to tip you.

My cards been hammered on coinbase. Just need some patience for the bulls now...

I am Investing in the future with XRP :^)

I've got my finger in a lot of crypto pies. Yum.

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you cant eat money..
without agriculture we dont have the future...
i know that blockchai can dominating our existence but first est good food not artificial shit.. im from Peru .. i have money and natural products to eat :)

Yeah the world has a lot of problems to solve. Don't take it too seriously it's just a poem.

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Nice Information Dear. Let's Grow Our World. Continue Sharing Interested Things, That Grows The World

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