The needs of

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The needs of

The complication of the thing,
life's longing for itself.
To stay and protect, or leave
for a foreign land.
If I were to go and lay down life,
stand the ground for others
for a better chance.
What will I leave behind,
my duty of care?
They say I have to stay,
A child needs me there.
Is my role as vital as proclaimed,
Is my presence the largest need,
Safe at home in my arms
While those of others bleed?
Time they say is important,
Spend as much as one can,
But little is spoke of quality
or the firmness of a hand.
Playing alone on the floor
Talking from high on horse
While scrolling through feeds
Speaking of a child's needs.
There doesn't mean raising
nor absence result in harm,
To place such importance
on one or two is a risk.
All have opinions, all will say,
you chase your dreams
while those close suffer
with a future of dismay.
Experience is what it is,
responsibility taken hard
Simplifying in one shard
while failing in so many more.
Do not work, stay
Otherwise they will not succeed,
Ignoring that so many before
Have gone on to be much more.
You think you are so required,
It can be only you.
But the discomforting thought
Anyone can offer love.
Damage need not be caused,
By a heart lost to war,
A car crash, or a tumor,
Do you dare lay blame?
The life of one led
Judging that of another,
A father gone to earn,
A hard-working mother.
Has the world improved
Are the children full of skill
Wobbling on their feet
Popping another pill.
Strength is not in the there,
It is in the how and why
The singing in the sleep
The blowing on a skinned knee.
But if it cannot be me
To do these things one day,
I hope that there is one
To teach and support the way.
But at the end of it all,
there is only one on which to rest
And no matter the start,
we can each become our best.

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The overriding thread of most of your posts, is always to 'be your best', or 'strive to being your best'...

How do you discern what 'your best' actually is? And why is that the overriding factor? (or at least most consistent point in your posts).

How do measure 'your best' ?
Against yourself, or the expectations of others?
The two may be worlds apart...galaxies...

Maybe do a post on it! (...or have you already done one..?)


I think I have already done several. Best is never against others unless one is in competition and even then, winning doesn't mean being one's best. It is always a personal thing. It is an overriding factor for me, you can do what you want and if you are happy not being your best, that is fine, for you.


I think everyone tries to be their best (in their own way, no matter what it looks like..).... that's why I asked, how to do you measure being your best? (against yourself, obviously)

You seem to have a very clear view of it, (it appears that way), and was wondering what your processes were, to come to your conclusions, ...(I am presuming you have. I hate presuming. lol).

It is an overriding factor for me

I did pick up on the odd subtle one or two clues, matey...
😂 😂 😂


perhaps I will write about it from my own experience more some time :)