3 Poems to kick off 2020

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Cavern of Light
by Sean Saw

The cavern of candles always stays alight
Yet the candles still burn through without much fight
Their wax trickles down the inner walls
Where wick once was, wick no longer calls.
The wax melted flows to the river below
Swirling upwards and against gravity’s flow
The wax binds the root from tree of life
Then falls back to the cave, new, alight.
When candlelight fades, cave stays unchanged.
Each light insignificant but not
As it is as a whole that the cave stays lit
Extinguish is not the end nor beginning.
Lighting is neither the beginning nor end.
In the end, it is the other candles that bask in the light.
And where or when it came or goes matters not.

does It matter?
by Sean Saw

Is it firework or a gun?
Will we know?
Does it matter?
Heart beating in my chest
Is it fear or excitement?
Will I know?
Does it matter?
The tapping of my feet
Is it anxiety or boredom?
Will I know?
Does it matter?
Is this quandary important?
Will I know?
Does it matter?
Do I want to know the answer?
Will I?
Does it matter?
Will I get an answer?
Does it matter?
Does it matter?
Does it?

The Actor
by Sean Saw

The world is a stage and we are all in a play,
So they say…
Our script, our story, our everyday.
But once we step out from the spotlight,
That is when we see our audience’s sleight
Their eyes avert and they no longer care
Of old as the new have their glare.
The actor is unheard by their old audience
It is as if their voice is the loudest silence
Present yet not
Even their shadow shall rot
Thus, the actor must find another stage
Another play for another age
As those who claimed to be fans
Had shown they had other plans
The actor wonders as he wanders
Is it he who fails to entertain?
Or is it something he failed to ascertain.
Eventually, he finds another stage as the cycle continues.

Each of these poems have their own meanings but I rather leave it up to audience interpretation if possible. However, i seem to notice a trend of things being somewhat cyclical and I find that interesting.


thanks for the poems, may the words flow freely in 2020. BTW it looks like you have been placed on the @spaminator blacklist, and are also getting @mack-bot flags - you can read more on the @spaminator profile but there is a large ongoing hack affecting tons of accounts, looks like your account included. Check your outgoing vote activity on steemd.com/@tadstrange or any other service that shows your outgoing votes and you will likely find your posting key has been used to cast upvotes that you did not authorize. The posting on the @spaminator blog tells the steps you need to take to secure your account again and get off the blacklist. Let me know if you have any questions.

I have since changed my posting keys so I think the hack shouldn't affect me any more. I do not know why I am still flagged.

most likely you just need to report to the steemcleaners discord then and let them know you changed your posting keys but are still on the blacklist. You could probably also just comment on the spaminator post to same effect but you will likely get faster response on Discord

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