Verses of the Free Verse #2: Apocalypse is Late

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Apocalypse is Late

I’ve seen the animals who seek to destroy

Her Majesty Mother Nature

The healer of all sins

Being the closest kin to our maker

She takes the pain knowing how vain

These animals are inside

She vows how they’ll miss her smile

When she’s no longer alive

One thinks the apocalypse is late

Some think it’s very near

Mother Nature said for her

It already came and disappeared

Traded the dense natural jungles

For jungles of concrete

They stopped listening to her words

And only heard the song’s beat

They filled the skies with poison

And breathe with their eyes closed

As if hoping the poison will disappear

Every time the wind blows

They never fixed the seas

They carelessly made bleed

Left so many children in need

To capitalize on their own greed

Yet Mother Nature still tries to

Teach them about their mistakes

For some, it may never come

But for her, the apocalypse wasn’t late

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Free Verse Poems

A free verse poem is an open form of poetry that doesn't follow any particular pattern. It's free from musical patterns, metering patterns, or rhyme patterns and is an innovative way of expression. A poet can explore natural creative speech that can be written in the way any poet wishes their creative expression to be.

Some legendary free verse poets include Carl Sandburg, who wrote the classic poem "Fog". A short but with direct artistic wordplay. Another legendary and amazing poet who became the first person to become commercially famous for free verse poetry was Langston Hughes. His free verse poem "I, Too" was one of the mandatory poems I had to read and I understood the artistic expression from him in those times. This poem still strikes an emotion in American racism and was printed by the New York Times on September 22, 2016, in response to the riots in North Carolina the day before.

Influence for "Apocalypse is Late"

During my short time as a monk with my Sak Yant mentor, Luang Phor Ya, I came to the awareness that nature is the only true power source on this realm. During the Western World's influence to annihilate nature, sickness inclined in physical, mental and spiritual health. Being cut off from their only power source, people roam the Earth inflicting pain on one another because that's all they know.

We've all turned our backs on the only power source that can empower us to happiness. Her Majesty Mother Nature. In most people's life journey to hoarding riches, diamond rings, and finer things, they never understand that the greatest wealth is water and dirt. With help from the sun, these two elements can nourish generations to come.

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Please take a moment to read "Life in Hand"


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