Verses of the Free Verse #1: Life in Hand

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Life in Hand

I once had the magic of the world

In my hands

But I let it go for money

Trying to grab as much as I can

My need to horde meant I needed more

Since it’s all I understand

The product of the world dream

A nightmare by all means

Wish their pain could be eased

But I am just one being

How can they still be asleep

After all the suffering they’ve seen?

Did they too, let go of the magic

And chase after the money?

Been able to save so much of it

But never even saved one tree

Never have been grateful for each breath

Been more grateful for each debt

Since the value backs the desires

From the people's blood and sweat

So much regret prevents lives

Living in the now

Addicted to themselves

Instead of making themselves proud

No comprehension of borrowed time

Loaned by the angel of death

What were the accomplishments in life

When the angel collects

The biggest lesson that all

Seem to forget

Is the magic when held

Is what one should die for to protect

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Free Verse Poems

A free verse poem is an open form of poetry that doesn't follow any particular pattern. It's free from musical patterns, metering patterns, or rhyme patterns and is an innovative way of expression. A poet can explore natural creative speech that can be written in the way any poet wishes their creative expression to be.

Some legendary free verse poets include Carl Sandburg, who wrote the classic poem "Fog". A short but with direct artistic wordplay. Another legendary and amazing poet who became the first person to become commercially famous for free verse poetry was Langston Hughes. His free verse poem "I, Too" was one of the mandatory poems I had to read and I understood the artistic expression from him in those times. This poem still strikes an emotion in American racism and was printed by the New York Times on September 22, 2016, in response to the riots in North Carolina the day before.

Influence for "Life in Hand"

One evening I got to thinking of some of the crazy decisions I made for the root of most evils. It was a grateful moment of being able to be aware of the moment that I made it to. The next thought was how long would it take for the rest of humanity to realize they don't live long enough to reach the dream of riches and luxurious things. I mean if they weren't already born into it so why won't they want to love as many people as they could, right? Free verse poems for me is a great way to express this exact frustration and I spent a career of writing music, because of these emotions.


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