An Ode to Slack - Original Haiku by @complexring

in poetry •  2 years ago

I don't believe what I'm reading.

Things keep changing all the time

near me.

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Inspired by the simplicity of these words... Here is one --

As times stillness remains quiet.
Things change wile I sleep
to wake again.

Gotcha, it was my first one...


I think you need to remove the still in the second line after things. Then, it's a proper Haiku. I anticipate the edit and have already upvoted. ;)


i always maintain that technology takes control of the world over population... as years keep coming, technology is positively responding to ease man's problem...

Sitting on the couch
Smoking a bowl on steemit
Curation is good

The moon shines brightly
Tugging gently at the tide
While we soundly sleep

I do not believe what I am reading.

Things keep changing.

All the time.

Are you sure?? I reading every day ...

I gave @steemed permission to post this on my behalf.



This Masterpiece is now a Public domain.

14 words, simple yet so meaningful. Indeed, pen is mightier than the sword :)


But here on the blockchain, if change happens, you know it!

Is slack still working? As in steem slack?

Well done @complixring, next time its an ode =)

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Like Medici
Gild dust rains
Double-edged sword
;) My first. Does it work? J.

.... I'm sorry. But what is this? This is just a few words, yet people are acting as if they're amazed just in hopes of getting noticed so that a whale will upvote their post. @steemed please post higher quality content. I'm guess I'm just being a realist but somebody has to have the balls to say it... (no pun intended lol)

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I love poetry, and couldn't help but share along with others

To write is to live
the unbearable longing
for one connection

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Great post!

Great post!

Par Excellence! :)

I feel you, even each of us is changing... You should post more often


... JOKE! I did enjoy your poem.

I would also like to add that this Haiku is released in the public domain. Feel free to edit and use for commercial and non-commercial purposes without any attribution to the original author.

trust yourself.

Beautiful haiku @steemed !
I love haiku. 👍👍👍

Excellent haiku!

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nice one!

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C'est terriblement reel car j'ai fait la meme remarque.

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