The shadows of the maiden

in #poetry3 years ago

She fears when she sees the lights running down my cheek
and the multicolored birds leaving my land.

When plastic smiles melt on my skin,
when dreams no longer have a captain or a helmsman
and silver vapors distort my features.
She fears the departure of the caramelized past
and runs in my footsteps wanting to cradle me.

until I sleep,
until I forget the wrinkles of the world,
the red hands and faces,
the images that were not and won’t be.

She fears when my gaze yearns underworld,
when the tireless circus doesn’t produce in me any joy
and the caresses of clowns open my wounds,
and I sail in a glass canoe,
on an infinite river of blood.

She fears because this one is no longer my world,
because my world is not her frozen plastic kingdom,
cause I will run hungry to the gate of the shadows,
carrying in arms my final joy.

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and I sail in a glass canoe,
on an infinite river of blood.

I really felt this, really hits the feeling of letting yourself go be it the person, habit, way of thinking or anything an individual clings to..

Amazing poem!

Thank you very much, my friend. Interestingly that part was the one that most brought deep feelings to me when I was writing it.

Seemingly it's the soul who makes the art, not "me". The me also sails in those waters, without certain knowledge.

Seems like similar one experiences it on my behalf..


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