Day 58 - Away You Go

in #poetry2 years ago

Away You Go

Ageless, timeless, motionless
I've watched you from the shadows
Instead of pictures in the meadows
I have been obedient being useless
Heartless, painless, emotionless
I have been detached from you
Leaving my stone heart blue
I have rebelled but remained homeless

At the eye of the storm, my rage flamming
The reason for my absence claiming
My image in your eyes I fear shaming
A choice made without fear of blaming
A pain so heartfelt it becomes jamming
For safety, in the shadows I stay humming
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Beautiful poetry my friend, i love how you were consistent with the rhyming, nice wordplay

Thanks a lot for the feedback. Great to hear from you. Hope all is well...

I love how you didn't use periods in this piece, for me it helped with the flow and the rhythmic word choice, I really want to hear this piece spoken aloud. Great job.

Thanks... I wonder how it will sound myself. If I ever do (occupied with school at the moment), I'll let you know. Thanks again for the feedback.