Into Life Man Is Thrust||origional poetry

in poetry •  6 months ago


Once wholly stripped
of its crippling inhibitions
a mind rummages, unfettered
beyond mundane thoughts
delving along beveled edges
of a pensively distorted mirror
as though it sees inside a heart
reflections in purest pigments
the genuine acumen of art

In deep translucent shadows
the artist interlaces light and dark
revealing with candid strokes
the truths and validities of life
Paint drips from his brush
onto a canvas of fleshly white
working with intense veracity
as morning sun becomes moonlight

With passion unmasked
he relies on blind intuition
and paints a somatic portrait
Visions found while in a trance
ochre and indigo, texture in black
bloodletting hues of crimson lust
An abstract of motley conveyance
he titled, "Into Life Man is Thrust"

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