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I can’t turn my head from side to side
Without seeing you in my peripheral vision, baby.
Every single day stays the same like yesterday
In 24 hours nothing has changed, time’s up.

My whole body aches from shoveling snow
The piles get higher and I sink lower, baby.
I have to drag myself in from the cold
Or they’ll find me frozen stiff with a smile on my face. Drift away

I have a show to do on Friday night
Will anybody watch? Will anyone care? Maybe.
I talk and I talk and I don’t say a thing
Will my soundwaves reach you out there in the ether, crazy.

You can’t hurt my feelings, nobody can
My feelings died with me in Vietnam, soldier boy.
Leg kick, armbar, triangle choke
You knocked me out this morning ‘fore I even woke up, body slammed.

I try not to fall for the deceit and the spin
But I’m shaking my fist at Twitter again, retweet.
Discouraged by the state of this county of mine
I have the heart of a poet and a political mind, fuck you. JT.

I have my limits, but a man’s gotta eat
I’ll take your money for damn near anything, Capitalist Pig
I want to get paid just for talking, ramble on.
I want my words to make the cash register ring, raking it in.

I can’t spit out rhymes like Marshall Mathers
But I get my point across time after time, forcefully.
I express myself in rants and rage
Touch the blood that I drip onto the page, coagulate.

I can’t turn my head from side to side
Without seeing you in my peripheral vision, baby.
This whiskey glass signals other week’s end
Before I have to rise up and do it all again, save me.


I'm Scott. That big ugly picture down below is me. Follow me on my Youtube channel and watch me livestream on Friday nights at 8 pm. I drink whiskey, craft beer, and talk about what is on my mind.



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