I wish

in #poetry4 years ago (edited)

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I came across a wishing well
I tossed a coin and it fell
Deep into darkness.

Looked upon a falling star
A wish I made from very far
In the night sky it perished.

My wish granters disappear
What else can I do
To make a wish come true
Around here.

Candles on my birthday cake
Blow on them for goodness sake
With a trail of smoke they go off

On the mattress I stand to pray
To my Lord everyday
For blessings I cherish.

But have I lost my wishes somewhere.
All efforts go in vain
Time and time again
In deep despair

I have seen colors high
Arc upon a grey sky
On some days when it rains.

Though its beauty makes me smile
It only lasts a little while
I miss my chance to wish.

What else can a guy do
To make a wish come true
Around here.


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