The Dragon Watchers [Poetry]

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In 1986 we hooked arms and you put your head on my shoulder
The cold bricks of my parent's house
Protected us from the frightened world.
Above, Halley's comet drew it's celestial path
We watched it's flaming passage and thought about 2061
I was fourteen years old
And in love with you.

In 1986, on the other side of the world
Firefighters died extinguishing Chernobyl
The watchers on the bridge would die from a shower of radioactive dust
Whilst we giggled about boys we liked
and whether unicorns existed.

In 1986, school children watched a space shuttle
Disintegrate into a million pieces
The Soviet Union launched the Mir space station
Parents watched children suffer mad cow disease
And David Bowie was the Goblin King

In 1986, we stared into the starry skies
And watched a dragon fly across the moon
To this day I swear it was true - I'd recognize that silhouette anywhere
Black wings beat in time with our hearts
I thought that in 2061 we'll be dead
We leaned in- looked at each other, breathed:
Did you see that? I nodded, and couldn't speak.
I was so in love with you.

This is a true story. In 1986 I did watch a dragon fly across the moon whilst my girlfriend and I watched for Halley's comet, which makes an appearance only once every 75 years, meaning if we see it twice we'd be lucky. 1986 was also the year of the Chernobyl disaster and the spaceship Challenger exploding - horrific events to witness on television, even when you are 14 and you don't quite realise the terrible things that happen in the world.

I wrote this in response to a dragon challenge on Whaleshares, so it was first published there.


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I like your "story"... in the end I got "Gaensehaut" (don't know the english expression- when you are impressed and the little hairs on your arms react)
1986 my son was born in March. I had been outside with the lovely rain atmosphere after thunder and lightning... not knowing what hat happened. Crazy world. And you saw a dragon (amazing!) and were falling in love... just 1986...
Thank you! Greetings from Germany Kadna

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I love that expression. German has so many good expressions where there isn't a suitable one in English. Plus, my Nana was german and I love to hear little germanisms!!! He he. 1986 - crazy year. I found a 1986 Australian coin the other day which reminded me it was the International Year of Peace.

If your son was born that year (a good 11 years before my son) it must have quite special significance to you!

German is complicate, but you can be creative in a special way and - as you say - there are many nice expressions. My english is not good enough to explain what my native language means to me... ;-)

I found a 1986 Australian coin the other day which reminded me it was the International Year of Peace.

I like such coincidenses! The other day... Have a nice weekend Kadna

And I appreciate so much you saying so, and it gave me happiness too that you 'got' it - not many people have commented so it's nice to get someone who totally undrestood it. Much love across time and distance xx

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Hehe, reading your words i got again Gaensehaut. So nice, thank you. In the German part of steem there are many posts with no comments. Everybody is busy in life, voting and sometimes reading. There are other ones too ofcourse;-) I like getting in contact, talking about something and find interesting people. But I have the time doing that...
Same point - crazy and busy world... Love and peace

Oh, how a moment in time means very different things to everyone.

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Thanks lovely, so true. xx

Didn’t see much of Halley’s Comet: it was really just a blurry faint light in the sky.

Don’t remember much, other than I was in Year 7 and my final year of Junior School. It was definitely a year a whole lotta shit changed.

It was the year I got into Peter Gabriel, New Order, Paul Kelly, and Crowded House. I fell in love with Sam Fox. And this LP was the soundtrack for the start of my teen angst.

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Oh I was totally New Order and Joy Division.....I certainly took poetic licence woth this as the comet wasnt that speccy, but the dragon was, and it was a very memorable moment!!

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Feels like 1986. It's like I can hear that 80s music in the background. Your posts are alive @riverflows moved.. it's was like I heard a faint shout in the distance that was important to pay attention to and it said: "wake up" I think that voice can be found within all of us if we try to listen closely. Have been facing a very serious challenge in real life a few years back and that's to let people know that they should care. It feels like a beacon to arrive somewhere where people want to be the change and make a difference !

Thanks so much beautiful. No one really commented on this one much so maybe they just didn't live in the '80's or don't understand my poetry. Writing this? I was transported in time. Vividly. xxx


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