Poetic Dreams: Poetry Daily Curation #2

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Our Aim✍️

The aim of @poeticdreams is to support and bring together the undervalued poets of Steemit by helping them to share their poetic dreams with a wider audience. In time, we hope to be the heart of the poetic community, so if its poem related, we will be first on the forefront, whether that is a new poetry contest or a new poet that needs celebrating, or something else that is poetically exciting.

📄Poetic-Dreams Daily Curation #2🌟

Today (and every day), we are celebrating the underrated poets on Steemit by highlighting 3 poems each day that have that little extra zing.

@hopehuggs will pick her favourite each day and give it a full upvote (worth approximately 2 SBD, depending on how many votes she has done that day).

When we are looking through the poetry posts on Steemit, we bear these things in mind (this list is likely to grow, as we find our feet curating)...

  • A good intriguing title
  • There has to be more than just a couple of lines
  • We look for poetry posts that are older than 6 hours, that have less than 1 SBD earned on them so far.

Brain Reset! You need it!✒️

By @ayobami99

The title caught my eye and this poem is a great reminder never to forget that we all started with nothing and we need to reassess often so that we don't become too big headed with success.

Poetic Ink✒️

By @moeknows

This is an amazing piece @moeknows I love the thought how we can consider our writings as an ink blot representation of our lives.

Ps I mainly leave my old freestyle poems alone, but if I can see a rhyme that can be tightened up, I will usually have to fix that lol.

The Flood✒️

By @brandisutton

@brandisutton, your poem sent chills down me. It describes perfectly the internal struggle of paradoxes and emotions and in life in general. I look forward very much to reading more from you.

"The Flood" is my favourite poem of the day.

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Organizers : @Marialin & @Hopehuggs

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Hi my freind☺

Dope.... Truly a poetic cure

So are we allowed to direct you to a blog to look? I have a poem I wrote recently that I'm pretty proud of. It's called "My Sister's Hero". I have several others that I think may be worthy also. I'm just mentioning it, I'm pretty new at this poetry stuff.

This curation stuff is pretty new to me too, so please do feel free to direct me to poems (yours or other peoples) that you think are worth reading and we can see where that takes us. The SBD award when I look at them needs to be under 1 SBD, that is the only prerequisite really.

Okay. https://steemit.com/poetry/@johnwjr7/my-sister-s-hero. That one I think is one of my best.

Cool, I have another curation post to write tonight to catch up, so I will be sure to look at that one.

Thank you. I hope you like it. It is a true, condensed, story.

For your consideration:


Although that said, i have plenty under $1 that don't get noticed so please come and stop by :)

thank you!!

I will take a peek :)

Thank you @hopehugs. I am honored to have been chosen. Sorry for just now seeing this.