To Turn Daisies to Dust

in poetry •  4 months ago

How not to be like the daffodil
that rises early
only to be slain by a late frost
and laid to rest under white snow

How not to be like the tulip
so colorful and candy striped
so fortuitous and flirtatious
so irresistible to little fingers
bursting and becoming
only to be plucked by a child’s hands in the afternoon
and discarded in the evening

daisies to dust.jpg

How does one resist the temptation
of the lily
to rise yearly on the same familiar ground
pushing last year’s debris aside
only to scatter petals
on the same still soil

We do not know yet
how to cultivate the rapture of the rose
without the guard of our thorns

Or how to smile like the sunflower
without inviting the birds
to peck out the seeds of our teeth

And how to escape the honeysuckle trait
of all that is good and sweet in us
amounting to one difficult drop

I never knew
how to pull my stalks from the ground and run
as the weeds begin to choke
with their rampant opinion
of what the garden should look like

And I never knew
how to stop the petals from withering
as I gazed down that staid stalk
into the quicksands of time

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This poem remind me the poem related to Daffodils which we read in 10th standard in the school.By the way nice words.


I read this, Then i read this again.... Life... This poem relates to me a lot.. How do we survive the world and its castising view choking our very being?.. Thoughtful.. Grt poem

hermoso poema @pinkspectre éxitos y que sigan fluyendo esas profundas palabras.

Thanks for sharing the poetry, it was an enjoyable read

Then jemma goes and kills some kree by launching them in space by asking a kid to do the dirty work
so much for her shock/surprise or whatever.

This is really beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

Beautiful poem and flow of words. Thanks for sharing this today!

Excellent lyric and stream of words. A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing this today

Amazing work here. The vocabulary, emotions, and descriptions all flow so well together. Truly enjoyable read.

Deep and emotion poems. It's not for to the story of life itself. Life is a mystery.

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please accept me.

Thank you in advance!

Beautiful imagery. I loved how you have woven this piece of art with your beautiful words. Such a wonderful comparison. Loved this poem.Thanks for sharing this.

what a beautiful it..

I liked it very much <3 just followed you