Love Letter

in poetry •  6 months ago


Got me high on my own supply
Love is all I got to offer and supply

My emotions turning in to flames
Burning so hot with no shame but fame

Feel for you with no regret
Feelings so fly like an egret

Looking into your eyes I see fire
And in my heart a burning desire

What a lonely world it’d be without you
You’re my world so there’s no me without you

Songs of affection spread thin in the air
Submission is all that it is to total care

Tell me your wishes cause I’m your genie
I mean the ones from your heart not kidney

This is but an assurance of love I have for you
All I own for you that’s my insurance

We are on a journey of life
In good and bad times we must stay Alive

Look no where else but our love
Cause only you I adore

Be around me like my guardian
I’d love to you to infinity like the battle of avengers

Oh when I sleep at night I want you by my side
Feeling cold or frightened I’d hold you by your side

Sweet , what a beautiful sweet loving
Wake you up with kisses every morning

First Edition

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